We create endless possibilities in a unique

piece of engineering art.

Discover the ultimate expression

of 500 centuries-old Italian gunsmithing.

  • We create exclusive one-of-a-kind products: tailor-made with infinite
  • customization options; aesthetically perfect thanks to 500 years of refining
  • our zero tolerance approach and assembly in white;
  • and performing at a professional level thanks to the high standards of quality
  • and reliability guaranteed by Beretta industrial strength and constant innovation



The ultimate innovation technology for high-performing machines

The innovative attitude and the industrial reliability of the oldest and one of the biggest firearm manufacturers in the world, to provide PB Selection works of art with the technical performances guaranteed to a military firearm. The massive research and development is constantly working on new products and technical features, but also exploring new materials, textures, coatings and designs, shaping every PB product into the next cutting-edge object.


Metal, wood and fabrics shaped into a dream

Pietro Beretta master craftsmen inherited centuries of the finest Italian gunsmithing art, passed down for generations in Gardone Val Trompia. Starting from the finest raw materials and the solid and innovative engineering base of PB Selection products, gunsmiths, wood makers, engravers and gun case makers work in a perfect balance to master their art and create unique firearm pieces.