A great work of craftsmanship and technique

No limits to customization.

A masterpiece is born

Iconic engravings, tied to shapes reminiscent of grand sculpture: SO10 EELL is a firearm that embodies the ultimate union of functionality and artistic beauty. We are faced with the most exquisite product of the firearms industry, which the hands of master craftsmen have transformed into a unique masterpiece to be preserved for centuries.


The coupling with the demibloc barrels is ensured by a precise closure with a rear longitudinal stud operating in line with the hinge pins, creating a seamless profile of the barrels. The action can be manually disassembled using two sturdy hidden keys, allowing the engraver to express their art on a continuous surface.


Leather gun cases

Each PB Selection gun case is created in the Atelier in Gardone Val Trompia (Italy), in the same place where the firearm is designed, engraved, finished, and assembled. Here, Pietro Beretta's Italian artisans from Pietro Beretta custom-build each gun case from scratch, starting from the wooden structure to the application of the inner and outer fabric, from the stitching to the pyrography and painting.



The elegance of SO10 EELL has no equal.

This firearm features engravings, a minimum of three burin engraving motifs, for which there are no limits to customization. The sleek lines with tapered barrel lugs allow for exceptional top-of-the-line results, both aesthetically and functionally. From the most classic English scroll to the most modern floral designs, from evocative hunting scenes to portraits of landscapes, from mirror polishing to contemporary surface treatments, the metalwork of a PB Selection shotgun can be adorned with any subject through four basic engraving techniques: the classic hammer and chisel, the burin for shadows and gradients, gold and other precious metals inlays, and enamels of various colors. Beretta engravers can dedicate up to 1000 hours or more to bring the most important projects to life.


Quality and resemblance

The 70° Cavaliere consists of a pair of Beretta SO10 EELL shotguns, 20ga. with 28” barrels, boasting a unique gold decoration of all metal parts. Walnut briar of stocks and forends are carefully singled out for grain quality, colour, strength and resemblance. The hand executed checkering and Tru-oil® finishing further highlight their beautiful natural wood colour. 



Italian cities

Some stories and places are just timeless - paying visit to Rome, Florence and Venice allows to breathe and witness millenia of history and beauty, the origins of the western world as we know it today and the symbols of Italian culture and heritage across the globe.