Crafted by industry leading treatments

and highly innovative materials.

An homage to the military

and law enforcement agencies.

Elegantly packed

As a global limited series of 250 pieces this 92FS Fusion OCP has a dedicated handmade black leather case with the embossed Pietro Beretta shield, it is equipped with a safety lock and includes a second magazine, a cleaning kit, a screwdriver.  A magnetic steel engraved plate will be Included in the case, certifying both firearm serial number and authenticity, inclusive of Franco Gussalli Beretta signature, 15th generation of the Beretta family.


A design benchmark

The high tenacity strength of carbon fiber in the grips is designed to withstand the high-energy forces demanded of the 92FS from our global military's corps.


The laser engraved camo pattern showcased on the 92FS Fusion OCP artfully pays homage to the military and law enforcement agencies using the 92FS allowing this limited series to be a combination of innovative modern techniques and design applications.


92FS Fusion OCP top view
Gun Case

Innovation and details

Compared to military standards that require an H+L of a maximum of 160 mm, the Fusion ensures an H+L between 70 and 80 mm, resulting from a very careful selection and barrel finishing. A careful design aimed at creating the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, to craft and engineer the most accurate 92FS ever built. The name of this gun celebrates this “fusion”. The details of the 92FS Fusion OCP such as safety lever, hammer, locking screws and magazine release button are finely checkered, mirror polished by hand and coated with DLC (Diamond-like carbon) treatment.


The 92FS Fusion OCP slide, barrel, trigger group and frame have all been coated with the DLC treatment to reduce friction on high movement areas, increase slide mobility and improve trigger timing. The caliber of this pistol is 9x19.