Unique as a masterpiece

The Vittoria Alata, a marvelous bronze work of art and an icon of the city of Brescia, could not help but intersect its history with that of the Beretta company. In 2020, upon request of the Beretta family, the company created a commemorative piece dedicated to the Brescian bronze statue.


The tribute to Made in Brescia

This SL3 "one-off" piece reproduces on the sideplates the wonderful wings of the Victory: the highly skilled Beretta engravers managed to recreate the jagged shape of the wing feathers. On the bottom of the receiver a gold insert portrays the sculpture.


A charity purpose

SL3 Vittoria Alata was sold at a silent auction for 107.000 euros. The exceeding amount from the auction base of 65.000 (42.000 euros) was doubled by the Beretta family and donated to the Johnny Morris Foundation for natural conservation projects, for a total donation of 84.000 euros.




A handmade guncase from Pietro Beretta in-house Atelier reproduces the logo of the Roman bronze in full view.


Vittoria Alata was discovered near the Brescia Capitolium in 1826, together with other bronzes from Roman times. Its charm has remained unchanged ever since. How do these two stories connect? At the time, Beretta firearm factory was run by Pietro Antonio Beretta (1791-1853), but it was under the guidance of his descendant Pietro (1870-1957) that the request was made to register the "Vittoria Alata" trademark for the company.