The apex of Beretta's experience

a shotgun designed to win

Futuristic lines

and innovative technical solutions

New archetype

The pinnacle of Beretta's expertise in clay target shooting is embodied in the Pietro Beretta Selection, showcasing unmatched craftsmanship. With its forward-thinking design and cutting-edge technical innovations, this custom-built shotgun is crafted for victory. Introducing the SL2, a revolutionary shooting platform that sets new standards in the sport. The SL2 stands out as the first shotgun to feature the advanced Steelium® Pro X barrels, offering unprecedented performance. It's Hypergun era.


Eye-catching design

The cutting-edge lines of the receiver have been reduced to the essential and enriched by a revolutionary anti-glare texture. These laser-engraved micro pyramids were developed to break the light, while the absence of shoulders and the lower top lever allow an enhanced view of the target.


The lines of the stock blend seamlessly into the design of the contemporary receiver, following its fluid lines and providing major visibility on clays with lateral trajectories.


Steelium® Pro X barrels: over and beyond

The SL2 stands out as the first shotgun to feature the advanced Steelium® Pro X barrels, offering unprecedented performance. This new technology has been developed with Beretta professional shooters, featuring an elongated choke fitting compared to the DT11 Steelium® Pro profile for optimised shot patterns and superior ballistic performance.


Steelium® Pro X is the best barrel ever made and that's why:


  1. Unprecedented terminal energy
  2. Uniform, perfectly distributed and full of energy pattern.
  3. Amazing recoil management
Steelium pro x

Engineered for success

As for the most victorious shotgun ever, the legendary DT11, the trigger group is detachable and quickly replaceable, with leaf springs that ensure a clean and even trigger pull at all times.  As for any PB shotgun, the barrel surface is carefully polished by the hands of the Pietro Beretta Italian gunsmiths to get to a flawless mirror finish. The stunning grade 4 walnut wood is masterfully crafted to create made-to-measure stock and fore-end, finely checkered by hand for a perfect grip.


Details that make the difference

The material selection process actually starts right from the rough with a careful review by our master gunsmiths, but the process actually starts much earlier. Pietro Beretta Selection products are subjected to an in-depth control of the supply chain right from the raw material, they are assembled “in white”, before all parts are finished, so that once the refining is complete, we have a perfect fit. Completing the stock is the tried-andtested Beretta MicroCore® recoil pad, known for its superior recoil absorption and support on the shoulder. 



SL2 Launch Edition Carbon

The SL2 Launch Edition Carbon receiver surface has been treated with the super-technological DLC finishing, with the glossy black color and the acid green logo added to the bottom of the receiver. The equipment is completed by a dedicated gun case and a customized “congratulations card”.


The stock and the forend in this model are made of carbon, while the others of the limited edition are made of grade 4 walnut wood, finely checkered by hand for a perfect grip. 

  • Before thinking about shapes, looking at the technical prototype I was trying to see if there was anything to remove, unnecessary, leaving only what is needed as in all competitions
  • The top of the receiver could have been decreased in width, further freeing the view of the target-this was the way to go. The rest developed consequently. So, the shapes narrowed to "disappear" or to become more ergonomic. The tricky thing was to make them beautiful as well. But we made it