A unique and personalised work,

this is a Pietro Beretta gun.

An object created with the customer,

that combines beauty and performance

Practicing and passing on the engraving tradition

From the most classic English scroll to the most modern floral motifs, from the most evocative hunting scenes to portraits or landscapes, from mirror polishing to the most contemporary surface treatments, the metal layout of a PB Selection gun can be embellished with any subject through the four basic techniques of engraving.


Handmade by the greatest stock makers.

Whether the design is English, pistol or half-pistol grip, it is always possible to create a customised stock. The finest checkering, the oil finishings and the micrometric matching of the wooden and metal parts are handmade by the greatest stock makers. Would you expect anything less from a unique shotgun?


A gun case offers a glimpse of the beauty and skill a firearm is built with.

Just like the side of a tailor-made PB shotgun or pistol, the case also follows a unique creative process, where hunters and shooters are the centre and driver. The Pietro Beretta gun case Atelier offers the same attention to detail and endless possibilities provided by PB gunsmiths, wood makers and engravers.


No limits to imagination

From the stunning DLC black treatment to provide unprecedented resistance and unmistakable look, to the lightness and performance of the carbon fiber, from the art of blending hand and laser engraving, to the most advanced antiglare textures.