1,000 or more hours

for the creation of a single piece

this gesture is a tribute to history

to the Beretta heritage and legacy

From the most classic English scroll to the most modern floral motifs, from the most evocative hunting scenes to portraits or landscapes, from mirror polishing to the most contemporary surface treatments, the metal layout of a PB Selection gun can be embellished with any subject through the four basic techniques of engraving: classic hammer and chisel, burin for shadows and shading (applying up to 12 lines per millimetre), gold and other precious metal inlays, and enamels of various colours. Beretta’s engravers devote up to 1,000 hours or more to crafting individual pieces.

Imagination is the only limit to engravings

In a perfect harmony between tradition and artistry, there is one element that guarantees the essence of a PB Selection gun’s uniqueness: engraving.


Customer taste guides engraving

Action, levers and forend irons are entrusted to one of the twelve engravers led by Master Luca Casari. In this area, the only limit is the imagination. Depending on the tastes of the future owner, the engraving can be scroll, floral, game scene or abstract, and can require 1,000+ hours of manual work.