The careful design highlights

the details of the natural wood colour.

Accuracy to its finest

for the creation of the recievers.

Quality and resemblance

The 70° Cavaliere consists of a pair of Beretta SO10 EELL shotguns, 20ga. with 28” barrels, boasting a unique gold decoration of all metal parts. Walnut briar of stocks and forends are carefully singled out for grain quality, colour, strength and resemblance. The hand executed checkering and Truoil® finishing further highlight their beautiful natural wood colour.


Functionality and severe testing

SO10 over&under represent the highest expression of quality in handcrafted shotguns. Quality which is highlighted in the maximum care of details and the exclusive design. Functionality and severe testing fulfill the work and differentiate Beretta from other gunmakers. 


Elegant and proportionate receiver

The action frame of the Beretta SO10 over&under, strongly characterized by the new profile with a double shell underlined by an evident cord, elegantly joins the classic Beretta barrels' chamber. The receiver shoulders are pleasantly tapered to offer the best lateral vision during aiming.


An incredible guncase

Created from American walnut by Linley, one of the most exclusive ateliers of high English craftsmanship. Name comes from Mr David Linley, member of the English Royal  family. The desk is a resplendent piece featuring a prominent gallery which takes the form of an architectural box inspired by Villa Beretta. It’s supported by four walnut turned column legs and is embellished with a surrounding frieze inlaid with herringbone Bombay rosewood and Indian ebony cock beading. A secret drawer is concealed within the side elevation, housing equipment for cleaning the guns.



Inspired by Villa Beretta

Ken Hunt, a king among engravers, wanted to reproduce the owner's most beloved subjects:


Gun 1:

Bottom side: Villa Beretta and extended gold floral motifs

Sideplates: typical Italian game scene with the owner's dogs dogs (Lola and Olga)

Other parts: extended gold floral motifs


Gun 2:

Bottom side: Beretta New York Gallery building and extended gold floral motifs

Side Plates: typical American game scene

Other parts: extended gold floral motifs