Refined design end exceptional performance

are combined in this shotgun

SL3 is the first with a dedicated case

 handmade by the PB Custom Atelier.

Performance beautifully designed

The sliding profile of the firearm gives it a unique look and facilitates target acquisition: every detail, in fact, is designed to enhance beauty and functionality.  The end of the action tail is very particular, which almost seems to merge into the wood thanks to a skilful tapering. Stock and forend are selected with high quality burl walnut with a natural oil finish.


A style for everyone

SL3 is fully customizable upon request: a unique object, engraved with the most modern laser technology or fine hand engravings. Out-of-the box, the SL3 hunting shotgun can be chosen from four different configurations: Modern floral motifs for a rich and distinctive style. Dedicated engravings for every hunt based on calibers, fine English scroll for a more traditional aesthetic and mirror polished for a contemporary aesthetic that emphasizes its design.



A made-to-measure attitude

The case in which the SL3 is kept follows the design of the gun with a closure featuring the Pietro Beretta shield, to enhance the company’s artisan heritage. The exterior is in blue cotton canvas and the internal lining in contrasting burgundy red. Even the leather details are handmade, as is the stitching. The internal equipment is completed by a leather pouch with the shotgun cleaning toolkit.

The case is handcrafted by the Pietro Beretta Gun Case Atelier.

  • Beretta is an international company that has its strong point in the Italian DNA.
  • And as proud exponents of our culture, we could not fail to celebrate special occasions in our own way.
  • And we do it in the only way we are capable of:
  • creating timeless masterpieces.