A new platform

A one-off version of the Beretta SL2 Launch Edition over&under, featuring carbon fiber stock and forend, customized details and handmade case.



A “sharp” design

The cutting-edge lines of the receiver have been reduced to the essential and enriched by a revolutionary anti-glare texture. These laser-engraved micro pyramids were developed to break the light, while the absence of shoulders and the lower top lever allow a wider view of the target.



Launch edition

A limited edition of 50 shotguns divided between Trap, Skeet and Sporting. The SL2 Launch Edition receiver surface has been treated with the supertechnological DLC finishing, with the glossy black color and the acid green logo added to the bottom of the receiver. The equipment is completed by a dedicated gun case and a customized “congratulations card”. The stock and the forend in this model are made of carbon, while the others of the limited edition are made of grade 4 walnut wood, finely heckered by hand for a perfect grip. Another distinctive feature is the ability to provide a manufacturing experience built on decades of close collaboration with the best shooters from around the world. 


Interchangeable trigger

As for any Beretta shotguns of this range, the trigger group is removable and has leaf springs that always ensure a crisp and consistent shot. For the Launch Edition, a second trigger group entirely made of carbon is also provided. 


The barrels are the ultra-triedand-tested Beretta Steelium® Pro, already mounted on the DT11, which accompanied shooters in many international successes, featuring an elongated triple forcing cone reaching up to 450 mm (in a 76cm barrel). The surface consists of a meticolous hand mirror-polish made by the Beretta craftsmen.