Only an elected few

can experience the Pietro Beretta Selection

Those who understand the uniqueness

of this work of art


Strong roots

1526. Maestro Bartolomeo Beretta from Gardone provides 185 harquebus barrels to the Arsenal of the Republic of Venice. “Pietro Beretta Selection” is the infinitely customizable firearms collection, which keeps alive the great tradition initiated over 500 years ago, a closely guarded and precious secret, born within the walls of the family-owned forge. The past has now become present, where tradition  and innovation are blending together to create a new future.



The transformation

Pietro Beretta Selection” bears the name of Pietro, who in 1903 took over the company from his father Giuseppe Antonio, renovating the factories and starting the large-scale production of firearms. However, if we step back in time, it is during the Renaissance period and its discoveries in art, thought and technology that Beretta’s uniqueness flourished. It was its vast mercantile network and international relations through Venice that constituted its early fortune. 


Sixteen generations, the same values

Spanning sixteen generations and rooted in a time-honored tradition, Beretta’s legacy extends far beyond its family lineage. This legacy encompasses the talents of collaborators, master craftsmen and dedicated workers, all united within the vibrant tapestry of the valley’s industrious community




The heritage from centuries of history

The transformation of a material, found in the surrounding nature, worked and refined, until perfected as a small masterpiece in functional and aesthetic terms, becomes something symbolic. Unchanging practices, evolving manufacturing processes and technology are driven to challenge the future, with the utmost attention to the work of men and women.