Extreme precision, refined details

Carefully tested and checked for ballistic performance.

Over&Under artistry

With graceful and slender, with a vault-like cross-bolt locking system designed for generations of use, this sidelock is reserved for the true connoisseur, perfect for upland hunting and clay pigeon shooting. It is decorated by master engravers, who carry on a centuriesold tradition, but its greatness doesn’t stop at the outward appearance: every inch of the firearm has been optimized to ensure performance and durability. 


Premium stock, custom dimensions

For its stock and forend, the SO6 EELL uses only the finest walnut burl, selected for its color tones and sturdiness. The client determines the final dimensions, and the wood-to-metal fit is completed with the care of a work of art. The stock may be ordered with a pistol grip or in a straight English fashion; both buttstock and forend are then shaped, finished with hand-cut deep diamond checkering and finally polished with oil. The exquisite leather carrying case with accessories is standard and is created in our PB Custom Atelier.



Engraved Low-Profile Sidelock Action

A variety of sophisticated scenes and styles can be executed to suit personal tastes and requirements, from floral motifs to traditional game scenes, exotic subjects, fine English scrolls, mythological scenes, portraits, gold-inlays or whatever suits the owner’s preferences. On the inside, the sidelock action offers a simple, safe and reliable mechanism legendary for its crisp trigger pull and fast lock times (selective or non- selective trigger available). When shooting, the action’s profile maximizes the balance and pointability of the shotgun by placing as little vertical space as possible between the plane of the dominant eye and that of the supporting hand. Sidelocks can be supplied in a removable version with thumbscrews, facilitating quick, easy inspection of the finely crafted firing mechanism.supporting hand. Side locks can be supplied in a removable version with thumbscrews, facilitating quick, easy inspection of the finely crafted firing mechanism.


Two great traditions

A single object, characterized by perfect harmony, which combines two great traditions: the art of Italian firearms and the expertise of forging Japanese swords.  


The Izumi Project celebrates the inspirational principle 'Wa', linking the ancient and noble art of Japanese sword forging with our 500-year tradition of firearms manufacturing.