Inspired by a movie Icon

The shotgun engraving required between 800 and 900 hours of work. Beretta engravers, carrying a centuries-old tradition, employed a number of different of techniques to bring to life this masterpiece.


The Italian Stallion

Deep hammer and chisel were used to reproduce two of the most memorable scenes from the Rocky movie saga; gold-inlays are also there, to recreate the Academy Award Oscar on the auget button, the stars, the numbers of the movies on the top of the receiver and Sylvester Stallone’s signature on the stock; colored enamels were employed to recreate the USA flag and add other details, such as Rocky signature boxing gloves.


Flawless canvas

The total absence of visible screws of the SO6 Sparviere sideplates gives the engraving an uninterrupted blank canvas to express its full beauty. Even the visible internal parts are superbly finished and engraved by hand: for this unique piece, the sideplates features on the inside an enamelled turtle, the pet Sylvester Stallone had in the Rocky movies and that he still keeps at home today.



This precious leather-covered case features a pyrographed portrait of the famous actor, with the USA flag background, as well as some of the most famous scenes from the Rocky movie saga.


Uniqueness in the making

Introducing the Beretta SO Sparviere ‘Rocky’ shotgun: a one-off creation by the craftsmen of the Pietro Beretta Custom Atelier for movie icon Sylvester Stallone. A unique tribute to his acting career and to the legendary role of the Italian American boxer he’s been playing since 1976.