A true work of art

Conceived for the upland hunter and shooter who desired to own a true work of art, the SO Sparviere Water Tiger is a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship: a premium sidelock over&under shotgun to be admired forever. 


Meticulously executed

The SO Sparviere Water Tiger features a gold-inlaid background with silver for the water lilies and copper for other highlights. The engraving itself is an 8 burin, one of the highest levels of complexity and detail, which would take a minimum of 8 months to complete.


Peculiar open sides

The SO Sparviere Water Tiger case was handmade from start to finish in the Pietro Beretta  Atelier with a design that mimics the traditional opening sides of the SO Sparviere. This one-of-a-kind case is also truly special with a handengraved design features a hand-pyrographed design complementary to the gun itself, with a beautiful light leather finish on the outside and red and gold finish on the inside.


Exclusive opening system

The action of the SO Sparviere features an exclusive system for opening the two sideplates and gaining access to the inside firing mechanism. The classic Beretta sidelocks can be easily and rapidly opened to the side by actioning the safety.


Designed to suit the personal taste

The absence of visible screws has allowed the master engravers, witnesses members of a centuries-old school, to use the surface as if it were a real canvas and hence to decorate the visible internal parts too. As with Beretta’s sidelock shotguns, the SO Sparviere is executed to suit the personal taste and requirements of the owner: from the sophisticated engravings to the gold inlays, to the dimensions of the walnut briar stock.