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Engraving mastery

We call it timeless perfection. The history of gunmaking passes through Gardone Val Trompia. Beretta lives both the past and the future, rooted knowledge and modern industry, combining ceaseless innovation with the sophistication of craftsmanship. It is thanks to the world-renowned Beretta’s guns, winners in all sporting disciplines and sought after by the most demanding hunters, that Pietro Beretta Selection can show the world the highest expression of centuries-old Italian gunmaking.


Elegance and performance in the grain

All PB Selection firearms can be requested in pairs: two shotguns that match style and, more importantly, the same weight, with Pietro Beretta allowing only 1 gram weight difference between the first and the second shotgun, to provide the shooter the exact same feeling with both guns. This is an extremely difficult result to achieve, considering the variability of wood density and handworking: this means a pair requires the research of a wood log big enough to extract two stocks and the millimetric precision and sensitivity of highly experienced Pietro Beretta gunsmiths, stock makers and engravers.