Arising from a vision

An exceptional side-by-side, born from the designer’s vision of seamless lines achieved through the masters’ competence and the high-end materials: the 490 Serpentina is a firearm created to commemorate Beretta’s 490th anniversary, the oldest firearms factory in the world.

Blue Blood

Blue has always been Beretta’s distinctive colour and it is impossible not to be fascinated by the intense blue hue for this one-of-a-kind side-by-side shotgun. The elegant wooden bridge reveals only the safety selector and the stock and forend, made from precious grade 5 walnut wood. Finally, the barrels, produced with Steelium® technology, are hand polished to a mirror finish without being blued.


A precious case

The case also reflects the same taste and attention to details that distinguishes the firearm. The PB Custom Atelier has crafted a special Churchill-style case with cleaning accessories in ebony, horn, and sterling silver. The corners feature blue inserts, just like the receiver of the shotgun. A polished insert inside the top lid reproduces the famous sales receipt from 1526.


A unique design

The design immediately catches the eye on the right side, with its iconic Serpentina opening lever, while the left side showcases a beautiful white gold inlay depicting the original receipt for the sale of 185 harquebus barrels to the Arsenal of the Republic of Venice on October 3, 1526 – marking the oldest reference to the Beretta’s Foundation.