The tribute to the heliocentric theory

and observation of the universe

A unique piece

shaped on the 486 Parallelo

A celebration of the infinity of the universe

Presented as a world premiere during the event celebrating the luxury of Pietro Beretta Selection, it is testimony to the Gardonese company's desire to push the boundaries of innovation and craftsmanship: 800 hours of work by master craftsmen in Gardone Val Trompia, added to months of study by the Research & Development, Design and Marketing departments.

486 Copernico

The universe engraved in a receiver

The typical receiver with its rounded profile and the cross of the 486 are coated with a color case treatment in shades of blue, green and red, reminiscent of the environment and light trails of space.

486 Copernico

Precious engravings all over the shotgun

For the first time, the engravings also extend to the stock with small copper and silver stars to create continuity with the receiver, forend and sleeve. The connecting lines of the stock and receiver of the 486 lend unsurpassed harmony and elegance to the shotgun's proportions.

486 Copernico

A dedicated case

The case, handmade in the prestigious Atelier, completes the masterpiece: a blue leather with a digital print of the celestial map designed by Copernicus, enriched in the centre by a three-dimensional brass plate reproducing the sun, laser-etched and then hand-etched for greater definition of the rays.

486 Copernico
  • Niccolò Copernico said: The wisdom of nature is such that she produces nothing superfluous or useless.
  • This is our spirit, because we are part of nature and, in our own small way, like nature we want to act:
  • PB Selection is a luxury that does not create the superfluous and unnecessary, but produces innovation and inspiration, in technology as well as in beauty. A perfect synthesis of this spirit is the 486 Copernicus