The Beretta Galleries are the places

where all the Beretta magic is collected.

You can breathe the lifestyle

that has characterised the company for centuries.


Unique, immersive stories

Each of these splendid boutiques is able to offer an immersive and complete experience from firearms to clothing to accessories - all the latest items displayed in an exclusive setting. It is always possible then, thanks to the highly qualified staff, to help shooters and hunters in the selection and construction of their new firearm: be it a pistol or a shotgun.


Customisable works of art

There are no limits to customization: only in this way can we be sure of making a true Italian piece of art. The Beretta Gallery Stores are the maximum expressionof hunting-outdoor-lifestyle imbued with hunting  passion.


A product range without limits

All the prestigious brands of Beretta Holding, from Beretta to Benelli-Franchi, Sako, Tikka, Chapuis, satisfy all the disciplines from hunting to clay sporting. Steiner and Burris optics, together with Sako, Norma, RWS, Geco and Rottweil ammunitions are superbly represented in the Beretta Galleries around the world.