Precious details

Reinterpreting the glorious 92FS, this one-off combines the most modern technologies available on the market with the craftsmanship that has made Beretta infinitely customizable guns famous all over the world. A pistol with a classic and robust line, an attractive design and full of handcrafted details.


Realism in every shade

The hyper-realistic enamelled fox on the slide is dedicated to the name of the owner, also engraved on the precious golden insert inside the grips. Grips are made in carefully selected walnut wood, carved and oil finished to the shooter’s desires.



Innovation in every detail

The 92 Fusion Fox pistol is the result of a careful design study aimed at creating the perfect balance - the fusion, in fact - between tradition and innovation. A special order that pushes the boundaries of innovation for the Pietro Beretta Custom Shop. PB engineers and craftsmen have been testing different treatments and coatings to satisfy the desires of the client. The PVD treatment creates special shades of mixed color that elegantly vary from pink to green, to golden. The details such as barrel, trigger, safety lever, hammer, locking screws and magazine release button are finely checkered or mirror polished by hand. The grips are made from selected walnut wood.