Quality, in every nuance

High performance

 with the beauty of a timeless piece of art.

Unique Hand-Detachable Sidelock Action

The opening of the two sideplates, which allows access to the internal firing mechanism, is made possible thanks to an innovative procedure that ensures easy and quick use. Once the safety button is moved to a dedicated position the two side plates will open simultaneously, facilitating the inspection and maintenance of the mechanisms. The SO Sparviere is designed so that this action is completely intentional and cannot happen accidentally during a hunting session. Furthermore, this feature allows one to admire the internal decorations, which are as extraordinary as the external ones.


Premium Stock, Custom Dimensions

For its stock and forend, the SO Sparviere uses only the finest walnut briarwood, selected for its color tones and sturdiness. The client determines the final dimensions, and the wood-to-metal fit is completed with the care of a work of art. The stock may be ordered with a pistol grip or in a straight English fashion; both buttstock and forend are then shaped, finished with hand-cut deep diamond checkering and finally polished with oil. The exquisite leather carrying case with accessories is standard and is created in our PB Custom Atelier.



A Durable, Dependable Heirloom

The performance and reliability of this sidelock shotgun are the result of the quality of materials used, individual craftsmanship and the precision of the manufacturing processes. Barrels are constructed of cold-hammer forged steel, ensuring perfect alignment of the tubes, exceptional strength and long-lasting corrosion resistance. They are carefully tested and checked for ballistic performance and consistency of shots pattern. The ventilated rib is file-cut. To minimize locking stress while shooting, the cross-bolt locking system operates on monobloc lugs positioned at the height of the upper tube axis. Locking shoulders are replaceable.


Satisfying one’s personal taste

The SO Sparviere is a high-quality over&under shotgun with a side locking system, designed for the hunter who seeks to combine high performance with the beauty of a timeless piece of art. The engravings alone required more than 100 hours depending on the desired design, executed by masters who carry on a century-old tradition, crafted on a surface free of visible screws, just like a true canvas. As with all Beretta’s high-quality  over&under shotguns, the SO Sparviere is made to satisfy the owner’s personal taste and needs, from sophisticated engravings to details in fine gold, all the way to the dimensions of the walnut wood stock.



The italian stallion

Introducing the Beretta SO Sparviere ‘Rocky’ shotgun: a one-off creation by the craftsmen of the Pietro Beretta Custom Atelier for movie icon Sylvester Stallone. A unique tribute to his acting career and to the legendary role of the Italian American boxer he’s been playing since 1976.