A masterpiece of engraving and design

A modern that is ad unique as it is valuable.

A Modern Classic in 4 Action Sizes

The tradition of the Beretta SO series has earned a very important reputation: the world’s finest over&under hunting and competition shotguns. And the SO10 is a worthy successor: considered a true modern classic, with the lines of its receiver redefining elegance in a hunting shotgun - so much so that for some customers, the action is perfect even without engravings.
In addition the precious wood custom-cut to the customer’s specifications, and the SO10 is the true epitome of craftsmanship in the world of hunting shotguns, as well as the precious gem of any exclusive gun collection.


Hand-finished action with no visible screws or pins

The SO10 receiver is machined from a solid block of special high-resistance tri-alloy steel. Nothing in it is cast or welded, lending it a wonderful quality of trim solidity and perfect proportions. The receiver is then polished to a mirror finish, entirely by hand - both to the outside and the inside - and is ready for engraving. The sidelocks are hand-detachable and offer the possibility of looking at the inner workings of the action, as well as for engraving or embellishing the receiver even to the inside. Also, the SO10 action has no visible screws or pins, allowing the lines of the receiver to flow uninterrupted.



Innovative Locking System

The locking system of the Beretta SO10 over&under features a rear longitudinal bolt operating in line with the hinge pins, making the opening of the barrels smooth and noiseless and minimizing stress when firing. Two additional lugs, located in the lower part of the receiver, further increase the strength and the efficiency of the locking system. As on the other Beretta SO models, the classic trapezoidal locking shoulders of the barrels work in contrast with the shoulders of the receiver. In all, the SO10 action and barrels are designed to be vault-strong and to give owners an experience that will last several generations.